Here are the key steps to using our Calculator:

  1. The user inputs 3 values:

    • Actual Cost (AC) - the actual cost spent so far

    • Earned Value (EV) - the budgeted cost of completed work

    • Planned Value (PV) - the budgeted cost of planned work

  2. When the user clicks "Calculate", JavaScript functions are triggered to perform calculations:

  3. Estimate to Complete (ETC) is calculated by: ETC = EV - AC

  4. Schedule Performance Index (SPI) is calculated by: SPI = EV / PV

  5. Estimate at Completion (EAC) is calculated by: EAC = AC + ETC / SPI

  6. The ETC, SPI, and EAC results are displayed on the page dynamically using JavaScript to insert the values.

  7. This allows the user to input data, click a button, and see key Earned Value metrics calculated instantly to evaluate project performance.