Faq and Error page for Simple Screen Record w/Discord Integration

FAQ and Error List for Simple Screen Record w/Discord Integration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start recording with Simple Screen Record?

  1. Click on the extension icon in your Chrome browser.

  2. Choose to record your entire screen, a specific window, or a browser tab.

  3. Click the "Start Recording" button to begin.

Can I record audio with my videos?

Yes, you can choose to record with system audio, microphone audio, both, or none.

How do I save my recordings?

Once you stop recording, you can save the video locally on your device or upload it to Google Drive with your permission.

What file format are the recordings saved in?

All recordings are saved in the .webm format, which is widely supported and offers high-quality video at smaller file sizes.

Do you store any of my data or recordings?

No, we do not store any user data or recordings. All recordings are saved locally on your device, and Google Drive uploads are done with your explicit permission.

Can I use this extension on any website?

Simple Screen Record works on most websites. However, some websites may have restrictions that prevent screen recording.

Common Errors and Troubleshooting

Error: "Recording Failed to Start"

  • Solution: Ensure you have given the necessary permissions to the extension. Restart your browser and try again.

Error: "Microphone/Audio Not Recording"

  • Solution: Check your browser's permission settings to ensure the extension has access to your microphone. Also, verify your system's sound settings.

Error: "Cannot Save to Google Drive"

  • Solution: Ensure you're logged into your Google account and have granted the extension permission to access Google Drive. Check your internet connection.

Error: "Video is Choppy or Low Quality"

  • Solution: This can be due to high CPU usage. Close unnecessary programs and tabs. Check your computer's performance settings.

Error: "Extension Not Responding"

  • Solution: Try removing and reinstalling the extension. Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version.

Error: "Cannot Record This Website"

  • Solution: Some websites may block screen recording for security or privacy reasons. Try recording a different website or content.