Privacy Policy for Simple Screen Recorder/w Discord Integration

Privacy Policy

Screen, Microphone, and System Audio Recording This extension has the capability to record your screen, microphone, and system audio when these features are enabled by you. Please be aware that these recordings may contain sensitive information that is displayed on your screen or captured through your microphone.

Local Storage of Recordings All recordings are initially saved locally on your device. This means that the data is stored on your computer and is not transmitted to or held by us. We respect your privacy and do not collect, store, or share any of your recordings or personal data with third parties.

Google Drive Uploads You have the option to upload your recordings to Google Drive. This action is entirely under your control and is not automated by our extension. If you choose to upload recordings to Google Drive, the storage and handling of these files will then be governed by Google Drive's storage permissions and privacy policies.

Local Processing All processing related to screen and audio recording is conducted locally by the extension on your device. We do not have access to, nor do we process, any recordings or data related to your use of the extension. Your activities and data remain private to you.